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fayette park. it appears certain that 700 miles to the south of us in georgia, troy davis will be executed at 7:00 p.m. scores of howard university students marched on the white house convinced the execution of troy davis is a legal lynching. a reprees of the by gone days of the struggle. >> we are in the 21st century. i don't understand why this is happening. >> seven of nine witnesses against davis in the 1989 murder of police officer mark mcfail have since recanted. alleging they were pressured by the police. >> so why didn't you speak up then? >> we were scared. >> officer macphail had rushed to rescue a homeless man. prosecutors say trey troy davis was bashing the man with
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a handgun, but even the homeless man no longer thinks troy davis shot the officer. >> i never seen troy davis. i don't even know who he is. >> davis has gone to the supreme court and failed to convince any judge he deserves a new trial. >> i will stand by the investigation until the day i die. >> davis' son has been visiting with his father on death row. >> are you worried? >> no. >> you're not worried at all? >> no. >> officer macphail's son will watch the execution. he has no doubt that troy davis killed his dad. >> i grew up my entire life not knowing my dad. that's tough for a five-year- old to ask his mother, why don't i have a daddy? it's tough for me to talk about it. >> even today? >> even today. >> now davis turned down a last meal. he will have with the other inmates in jackson, georgia are having. hamburger, potatoes, a grape
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drink. we will keep an eye on the protest, on the execution, we'll let you know the very latest. anita. >> bruce leshan, thank you. several shots were fired into a cvs in northwest d.c. during an attempted robbery of an armored car. police are looking for one of those suspects. the accomplice is in the hospital with critical injuries. kristin fisher is live outside that cvs. fill in the blanks for us. what happened there? >> this is a very brazen attack in the middle of the day and right near a very busy intersection. now police are still trying to piece together exactly what happens here, but whatever transpired was very, very violent. as you said, one suspect in the hospital in critical condition with a gun shot wound to the head. but it is incredible that nobody else was hurt inside this cvs. especially when you take a look at the eight bullet holes going through the front door.
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>> all of a sudden we hear all of these shots. i mean, shot, shot, shot. >> bertha miller didn't just hear the gun shots. >> i could smell the gun powder. >> bertha was sitting in her dining room when two people, maybe three, tried to rob this armored car parked outside the cvs. several customers were inside at the time. witnesses say they heard about ten gun shots, but d.c. police won't say who fired them. the suspects or the armored cars guards or both. >> i am not able to confirm who did the shooting. that's what the investigators are doing right now. >> the suspects then fled down van buren street, passing but talen brown's home. >> the shots were right by my window. >> that is when one of the suspects was shot. >> right here. i think that's when it hit somebody. >> one suspect was shot in the head and dropped off at the hospital by another suspect who got away. d.c. police are trying to track
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that person down. they brought in the canine unit, they are studying surveillance footage. interviewing witnesses. the fourth district commander says she doesn't remember the last time there was an attempted armored car robbery in her district. >> it is very unusual for this area. >> i'm really concerned about it. i really am. >> now armored car robberies may be rare for northwest washington, but not for the rest of the city. last year, d.c. had eight car robberies, excuse me, eight armored car robberies and that is more than any other city in the country. back to you. >> all right kristen, thanks for that. the two u.s. hikers held in iran on spy charges are finally, finally on the road to freedom. tina krouse reports they were released today. >> when they were release ed
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from a tehran prison. a private plane flew the pair to the gulf state of oman where their families were waiting. the two friends were arrested near the iran, iraq border in july of 2009 and sentenced to eight years each in prison. a third american arrested with them, sarah shored was released a year ago. all three americans who met in college in berkeley, california, denied being spies. they say they got lost hiking in northern iraq and mistakenly wandered into iranian territory. the swiss led negotiations since the u.s. does not have diplomatic relations with iran. >> i am very, very grateful for this. it has been a long time for them and we have done a lot of work. >> it comes on the eve of iranian president, mahmoudahmadinejad's address. he promised last week the americans would go free. giving the men families new hope. with the release a reality, the
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families call this the best day of their lives. >> it's wonderful to know they will have their son back. >> in josh's hometown, welcome home signs are already up. tina kruose, cbs news. >> the families said once bower is free, he and sarah can start planning their wedding. a car has crashed into a home in landover hills. sky 9 sent these pictures back within the last hour from the 4800 block of 67th avenue. prince georges county police tell us one of the owners of the house accidentally drove the car into his own home. nobody hurt. police released a sketch of a teenager wanted for sexually assaulting a woman in the fair oaks area of fairfax county. it happened monday morning in the green briar neighborhood. police say the teen approached the 29-year-old woman from behind, displayed a weapon, and forced his way into her house. she was then attacked. the woman screamed and the
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suspect ran away. fortunately, she wasn't seriously hurt. >> police will be canvassing neighborhoods in forestville tonight to find a sexual predator. a woman was dragged boo the woods near the intersection of pennsylvania avenue and walletter's lane last week. police say another woman was inappropriately touched ten days earlier, less than a mile away. investigators will be looking for new leads until they return to the scene of the crime. >> we are continuing to investigate the background of a convicted sex offender who has been posing as nfl quarterback, vince young of the eagles to con people out of their money. scott broom has been following this story, but apparently prince georges county have a closer smell on the trail. >> yes, they do. they are on the trail today. it's weird because young is still one of the most recognizable faces in the nfl. he was a top draft pick in 2006. he's with the eagles now. now he has the nfl player's association security department carrying the ball for him for a
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handoff to local police. >> he's a sex offender. >> this is vince young, now a quarterback with the philadelphia eagles. and this is stefan, a convicted sex offender from port washington, maryland, who allegedly has been posing as young in area nightclubs. he was outed by vince young's charitable foundation and sports agent. they accused pitman of collecting thousands of dollars of donations and pocketing the money. sometimes threatening women who begin to ask questions. >> as of this morning, the department launched an investigation. into julie parker is with prince georges county police. >> we were first notified about these allegations through an nfl player's agent. at that point, we sat down yesterday with the nfl and the head of security for the nfl player's association. this is a complicated case in that several jurisdictions are at play here.  the person involved lives in
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this county and while we are not aware of any victims who live in this county, nevertheless, we are going to look into these allegations. >> it's a scheme that has been going on since at least mid 2010. here, pitman was outed on a club goers website. complete with screen grabs. saying he was a former nba player who has interest in a nightclub, modeling agency, car dealerships, and more. >> the real pitman has a criminal past which includes allegations of stealing credit cards from a maryland woman. he used a number of facebook account websites over the years with names like phoenix roots, no weapons found, and ironically, the real vince young. those were all up and running two dais ago. since then, they have been taken down. he is tarting to feel heat. a couple sources told me he has been calling one victim in the last 24 hours continuing to
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pose as vince young. he is still throughout, particularly as he deals with woman. a lot of people are concerned about this. >> absolutely. more to come. thanks so much. back to the studio. tonight, a supervisor with the office has been fired and investigators uncovered a scheme involving fraudulent unemployment checks allegedly mailed to at least one of her family members and maybe others. and as bad as all this may look, bruce johnson reports that they are not yet willing to say if this is as bad as it's going to get. >> we are disappointed. >> that is gaby last year, speaking out on behalf of former mayor, marion barry, after he was sentenced for giving his girlfriend a city contract. >> i want to fight for you still. >> now it's frazier who is in trouble. the supervisor at the d.c. employment services office was fired yesterday. this after investigators
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uncovered a scheme where by fraudulent checks were being mailed out. >> there have been allegations, some of which have been substantiated. >> issues people getting on unemployment who shouldn't have been there. >> our sources tell us frazier has been escorted off the jobs two weeks ago after her daughter was receiving illegal unemployment compensation checks. those checks were allegedly going to an unauthorized post office box. >> we're not going to let things sit. we're going to follow the law. >> lisa mallory -- >> i'm not -- i'm really not sure. we are submitting all of the information we have and the inspector general is conducting their own investigation. we are not privy to the details of the investigation. >> gaby frazier was earning $100,000 a year. she is also very active in politics, served as chairman of
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the ward 8 democrat's public relations committee. contacted last night. frazier would only say she has been placed on administrative leave. bruce johnson, 9news now. >> city officials will not say how much money has been stolen. anita. >> still ahead, battling bullying. one student who says she was bullied has advice for other kids who find themselves in that terrible situation. topper. >> we had a respite all day. grab this if you are headed out any time soon. here's a look at the doppler radar. showers and thunderstorms moving up 95. we'll tell you when they are going to rise when we come back. >> i'm manuel at the united nations. a political showdown is brewing as president obama and the palestinian president meet privately here in new york. i'll have that story coming up.
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we have a commuter alert in prince georges county.
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the 30 day waiting period is over beginning today. drivers caught speeding in school zones will be ticketed. the speed cameras are set up around dozens of schools. the cameras are in use until 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. walk, bike, maybe use mass transit. just don't drive tomorrow. that is the message from the organizationers of world car free day. this turns out as an annual event. so far, more than 9,000 people have pledged it take part. there will be give aways and drawings at montgomery metro stations to celebrate the event. and a free shuttle ride in frederick. president obama used his speech to the united nations general assembly today to try and convince palestinians to put off plans for state hood. manuel is live where it is unclear if his words are going to be enough to stop the looming diplomatic shutdown. manuel. >> reporter: that's right, lesli. that's the issue dominating the u.n. general assembly this
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week. president obama told the general assembly this morning that now is not time for palestinian state hood. palestinian president has been working for full recognition from the u.n. and he has been trying to get that behind the scenes. president obama told the united nations general assembly there are no shortcuts to ending the conflict in the middle east. >> peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the united nations. if it were that easy, it would be accomplished by now. >> the president is trying to convince mahmoud abas not to ask for formal recognition of a palestinian state on friday. the president says he supports a palestinian state, but only one that results from an agreement between palestinians and isrealis. >> the deadlock will only be broken when each side learns to stand in the other shoes. >> following the speech, the president met with isreali prime minister, benjamin. >> they want to achieve an
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international community, but they are not prepared yet to give peace to israel in return. >> president obama affected privately here in new york. but u.s. officials admit, it's unlikely the palestinians will change their minds. >> what's wrong with negotiating it state to state? why do we have to be occupied? >> the white house promises the u.s. will veto any bid for palestinian state hood. and the political stalemate is leading to new violence in the disputed region. in the west bank city of hebron. palestinians palestinians threw stones. thousands celebrated the possibility of them having their own state. >> president obama and president abas are set to meet at some point in the next hour or so here, lesli, in new york privately. we are expected to get a photo. we aren't sure if we'll know what was said in that meeting
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or if anyone will speak afterwards. addresses the u.n. general assembly and that's when he is expected to make his bid. back to you. >> thank you. derek. >> thanks, lesli. there will be a memorial service tonight at bowie state university for that student killed inside her own dorm room. 18-year-old domonique frazier found dead last thursday, her roommate charged with her murder. tonight's memorial will celebrate her life and it will get started at 7:00 p.m. the two prince georges county police officers indicted for the 2010 beatings of a university of maryland student surrendered today. regnald baker were found. the officers are charged with first-degree assault among others things. baker and harrison left the jail after posting bond today. and if you like cloudy, muggy weather, this would be your time of year. >> this is supposed to be
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great time in washington. >> if you like the muggy weather. we are going to be unsettled for a while. we talked about it monday, you know, nothing crazy flooding, but periods of rain and showers. more is coming our way. look at this. more activity to the south. coming up 95. pretty good lightning showing up on this radar to the east of 95. around richmond, see that right there? a good blob of lightning. this is what is going to roll in tonight and actually on the website, i talked about this being the heaviest batch of rain we have seen with this unsettled weather. this is of course day three. here's live doppler 9,000. you can access this on our website and a good time to down load our weather app. search for wusa radar. downtown, we are all right. if you are headed down 59 to go home, it's going to be wet shortly. in fact, we'll zoom in. pretty good rain and showers. it's red. an inch and a half per hour.
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this is going to move up 95 in the next hour or so. we'll move further northwest. this is a good cell, too, down 29. south of warrenton. and this is going head off to the north, northeast and across to warrenton in the next ten minutes. we'll back the radar out and put this into motion. we'll show you the whole movement. it will essentially move north, northeast. woodbridge, get ready. shantilly, fairfax. going out 66 in the next hour. it is going to be wet soon. the good news is, it's mild. hey, that's our silver lining. 75 downtown. 72 in gaithersburg. 73 in manassas and 73 in fredericksburg. so, here's the deal. remaining unsettled, showers and thunderstorms tonight. a wet commute tomorrow. the storms will be waning tomorrow morning. mainly morning showers. the roads will be wet. it will be warm again on thursday. all right. by tomorrow morning, some left over showers. prince georges county down into
5:21 pm
charles county. nothing heavy, it's all green. nothing crazy heavy. clouds stay with us through the morning on thursday. some more showers around lunchtime, but nothing heavy. and then by evening, more showers and a few thunderstorms out toward martinsburg as well. we'll be in this pattern. we see a break, we see showers, we see a break. showers and thunderstorms, low temperatures in the 60s. winds out of the south at 10. next seven days, more of the same on friday. temperatures still pretty mild. fall officially arrives at 5:05. the weekend, we haven't changed it that much. it's going to be mild. upper 70s. the drop for the terps game on saturday, but not a big deal. we did have to add a drop on sunday, but improving ever so slowly, but we will be improving. low 70s on monday and tuesday. >> but move those big clouds. rainstorms. so gotten better. >> yeah, he pays attention. >> he does. >> photographic memory. >> okay.
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texting versus talking. turns out it is a generational thing. wait until texts adults change every day. up next, the remains of nine servicemen recovered more than 50 years ago finally get a proper burial at arlington national cemetery. [ male announcer ] humble beginnings are true beginnings. they are the purest way to gauge success. maybe the only way to gauge success. but the most powerful thing about humble beginnings is that they are... ♪ ...humbling. show where you're going without forgetting where you're from. ♪ now lease the all-new 2011 chrysler 300
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a final honor for the nine servicemen that killed in world war ii. their remains were buried at a single casket today. the men's bomber was shot down by enemy fire in the pacific. their identities were unknown until recently when dna technology and dental records determined exactly who they were. vice president biden was among the family and friends who said a final good-bye today to kara kennedy. the oldest child of the late senator ted kennedy and ex-wife joan kennedy died last friday. her funeral took place this morning at holy trinity church in washington. kennedy worked as a film maker and in television. she was also active in a variety of causes ranging from
5:26 pm
the arts to fighting fetal alcohol syndrome. the peace corps is donating important items to the smithsonian. the museum of american history is accepting bro brochures. a congratulate letter from john f. kennedy. the volunteer group is celebrating its 50th anniversary. derek davis one step closer to filling the seat of johnson. he beat out 14 others. davis is a former school system official and backed by county executive, baker. he will now face gardener of bowie in the general election. gardener ran unopposed in the republican primary. >> texting versus talking. we'll have the results of a brand-new survey coming up. also ahead, the first holiday shopping forecast is out. and it's not looking so good. also ahead, a new way to erase
5:27 pm
wrinkles. it's botox, but no needles. a national summit taking on bullying. how one girl's story is helping leaders tackle the epidemics that won't go away.
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family members of students who committed suicide because they were bullied are telling their stories at this conference in washington today.
5:30 pm
and while leaders say they made great strides in their antibullying campaign since last year's summit, they have a long way to go. peggy. >> anita, this is now the second bullying conference and there are now several laws in place in states requiring school districts to have antibullying policies. so that they can take action when they see something happening. that's important because the way a school system steps in to help, may have saved a life of this young woman. >> page logan was in the 8th grade when a group of girls started bullying her after she won a local beauty pageant. >> they were posting things about me on the social network and saying bad things about me at school. >> page logan is not alone. studies show as many as 1 in 4 students is frequently bullied. >> she would tell me, i don't want to go to school today. >> i started going down and down and my grades started slipping. >> with the explosion of facebook, more than 40% of
5:31 pm
young people report cyber bullying. sometimes leading to depression or suicide. that's why the u.s. department of education invited victims like paige to share their stories ath this national summit. the government is working on a national strategy to prevent bullying. they are getting help from social media companies. >> hey buddy, come here. >> from artists, a play wrote turned the words of bullied teens into stage production. paige just started her junior year in high school and has been able to put the episode behind her. in part, because school officials stepped in to help stop the bullying. >> it's okay to talk about it and not hold it in. if you hold it in, that is leading to peer pressure. >> she wants to let other young people know there is help and they aren't alone. >> following last year's summit, the government launched the website, it has information for parents, teachers, and students to help them prevent bullying and
5:32 pm
anita, let's hope it helps. >> it's good to see the internet being used in such a positive way as opposed to propagating the problem. >> let's talk about texting. it may be all the rage among teens and young adults, but many adults would much rather just get a phone call. about 3/4 of adults who own cell phones, use them to send and receive text messages, but hey, give me a call instead. 31% said they do like the texts better. the survey found that young adults prefer texting the most with people between the ages of 18 and 24 exchanging an average of 110 texts a day. my fingers would get tired. wow. >> a couple hundred protesters in d.c. are hoping their actions will call attention to unfair hiring practices. they block construction crews from a work site and as brittany morehouse tells us, out of state workers are taking
5:33 pm
their jobs. >> it's the second demonstration go around for these job seekers, marching to the entrance of department of homeland security construction site. >> this is the largest project going on in the country right now. billions of dollars. and if you're going to bring that revenue into this city, allow the residents to work and earn a decent living and support their families. >> fired up they are with theme songs and a plan to block trucks from coming into the work site at st. lis beth's campus where clark construction is ahead of the project. while their words are mostly aimed at blessing clark, the company reportedly only checks criminal records within the last three years and nothing more. but some here that doesn't match their experience. >> you have people out here
5:34 pm
with backgrounds that say they do not need it because you had guys out here that are locked up and everything. asking for change. >> pending down the number of people that get that chance is difficult. ranges anywhere from 20 to 36% of all the crews here. >> we found out their numbers don't match what they are saying. they are sending people to hiring agencies, hiring for one day, and letting them go from the job, still saying they have d.c. residents to hire. >> as far as norris is concerned. >> it's hard. >> numbers can't compare to personal polite. >> plight. >> brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> clark construction sent us a written statement in response and the company claims all of the new hires on site, roughly 60% are d.c. residents. a holiday shopping season is months away, but some of us may have said bahumbug.
5:35 pm
shopper track are forecast ago slower shopping season this year than last. job concerns could impact the most critical part of the year for retailers as people seek out bargains, buy only the essentials. if your list includes a few toys, toys r us are out with their fabulous 15 list of early predictions on the ones your kids are going to want. you're not a kid, you don't have any kids. you might be a kid, so you might like this. derek, this is willa and i'm going to turn around. she's a fidget friend. >> what is it? okay, so you can tell her what you want her to do. so dance with me. okay, so then -- >> let's rock some moves. your tunes or mine? >> yours. >> she's going to dance to her music. >> time to get my music on. >> it reminds me of the way you dance, derek. that's why i thought you might
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actually appreciate willa's moves. it's kind of that thing you do when you do like this and we all laugh. right? it that vaguely familiar? >> i plead the 5th. i know nothing of what she is talking about. but i like willa. >> there are a lot of people in line for this. i'm going to have to put you in line. >> we have to go. >> we do. >> let's talk about something else. rip,rem, the rock band heard about willa and said that's it, we're quitting. p but up next, a school bus driver passes out behind the wheel. how one good samaritan's quick thinking saved the day. we are always on at stay with us, we'll be right back.
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caught on tape, the heroic actions of a wisconsin man and an out of control bus. so the vehicle was transporting special need students when the driver passed out and slumped over the wheel. with that bus slowly headed towards an intersection. pried the bus door open and slammed the transmission back into park. >> wow. >> god puts you where you need to be and you need to listen and take care of business. if you get tapped on the shoulder. >> good thing he was there. collins gave that 65-year-old bus driver cpr in the road. that driver is out of the hospital, but he is still not sure what caused him to pass out. >> love that guy. prospective home buyers in one colorado neighborhood know exactly what they are getting
5:41 pm
for a next door neighbor. warning, 3 rottweilers, loud parties, loud cars, antihorse, whatever that means, and fireworks. the sellers and the listing agents say the sign is scaring away potential buyers, but too bad. >> i'm warning people what's at this house. let's make sure we are going to be happy. i feel like if i make it pretty clear what's over here, you know, if you don't like that, don't buy this house. as far as i know, that thing right up there on the pole gives me my right to do whatever i want as long as i don't hurt anyone else. >> he is correct about that, because legally there's nothing the home seller next door can do about the evil sign. >> is he getting the good neighbor award? i don't think he's a contender. >> i don't think he cares is the key thing. >> it is the end of the world as we know it. or at least the end for the band which wrote that amazing song and recorded it. yup, i'm an r.e.m.
5:42 pm
fan. it is on their website, time to call it a day. a three decade long music career. the band performed back in athens, georgia, back in the 80s and turned out 15 albums over 31 years. 85million copies around the world. r.e.m. had top songs. in a statement, the lead singer said, quote, the skill in attending a party is knowing when it's time to leave. >> absolutely. >> i wish a lot of bands would take that advice. coming up, you think you need botox, but you know you don't like needles. a new way to administer the wrinkle reducing treatment. top. g right now we have clouds, but showers on the way. we're going to be joined by an expert. the winter outlook and a look at the radar on the seven-day when we come back. up next, a new study confirms the best way to get rid of ugly varicose veins.
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we'll be right back.
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an easier way to vanish varicose veins tops our health alert. a new study in the archives of dermatologist find the veins can be removed less invasively with lasers. for decades, doctors have been removing veins with a stripping procedure that usually requires an overnight hospital stay. but this research confirms laser treatment or evlt works just as well. evlt has been available for just about five years now. we also have a warning about do it yourself botox. really, these kits have been selling for $150. way less than what a dermatologist charges. which should be a red flag. doctors say they are sometimes made in india and china and bootleg botox can be dangerous. risks of administering the wrong way can cause infections
5:47 pm
and drooping eyelids. the only two drugs approved for cosmetic use. again, as i said, botox and disport are the only two delivered in a professional setting. there are 5 1/2 million of these procedures each year a. new technique that takes away the pinch. >> a few years ago,ivonne saw the tell tail signs of aging. >> it's all about looking good and feeling good. feeling good is looking good and they go hand in hand. >> the 39-year-old deals with needles to keep crow's feet away. a gel containing the active ingredient in botox is just as effective. >> you spread the gel. is this done in a doctor's office, then it is wiped off the skin half an hour later.
5:48 pm
>> up to 90% of patients saw a reduction that lasted up to four months. plastic surgeons say even with the gel, botox injections will still be needed. >> areas where the skin is needed, for example, right between the eyes and the forehead, we might find the injections are better than the gel. >> ivonne is looking forward to fewer needles in her future efforts to look good. >> it's a nerve wracking experience, to a degree. to use the gel that eliminates the needle, that's a great thing. >> so right now, the gel is in clinical trials. botox injections typically cost several hundred dollars. it's unclear what the price tag will be for this botox gel. >> we'll send it out to topper who is out on the terrace with some company. >> some company and doppler action. >> we will starlet with the doppler action, because the showers are moving in. showers now from essentially
5:49 pm
fredericksburg northward up to about 66 and these are some of the light to moderate. little pockets that are yellow and orange and those are moderate range showers. get ready to have a wet commute home if you are going down 95 south or 66 west. they will continue to move into fairfax county, loudoun county, and montgomery county. so get ready. the next batch is on the way. next seven days, we stay unsettled. more of the same tomorrow. morning showers tomorrow, 80. and 79. fall arrives at 5:05. we are carrying showers through the weekend. maybe a shower on sunday and upper 70s. now, i'm joined with tara from the farmer's almanac. this is your first time here on the weather terrace. >> i'm not going to push your feet to the fire. we're going to go to last year's outlook. you actually had us cold and snowy. and we had one big snow, which
5:50 pm
everyone remembers, but for the most part, it was milder than average with one snow. >> you and i went through this. we did see two out of three months we were on for temperature, but not for precipitation. >> december you were on for temperature. it was mild. now, let's go back to the graphics and we will talk about this year. look at that. cold and snowy. i love it. i hope you're right, quite frankly. but -- so talk about this year. you have a large area of the country. ohio valley, plain states, midwest, it's mild and dry. cold and snowy in the east upward and then cold and snowy in the plain states. this is going to be a la nina year. >> right. for the atlantic corridor where we are right now, we are staying above average snow. where i'm from in new england, we are saying below average snow. maybe we'll switch, maybe not, but for last year, boston and
5:51 pm
hartford got walloped in snow. maybe we were off on our snow predictions. >> not off on the whole thing. >> not the whole thing. >> very quickly, you have something in there? >> quell the smell d. you know that if you had a lemon or lime, you could use it for dei yet deoderant. citrus peels will take away the smell. >> fun things in the farmer's almanac. back to you. >> use them on your under arms, put them in your mouth. that's what i do. >> but not in that order. not in that order, please. >> all right. still to come, okay, a lot of us sit in traffic every day, but would you be willing to get some cars off the road? >> and then later on, by now you have seen it's a new
5:52 pm
facebook out there and the reviews are not so good. a look at what it takes for social media to adapt and survive. >> but up next, a look at the top five jobs that leave people feeling mighty happy.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
back now with some of the happiest people working today.
5:55 pm
well that is according to the university of chicago. the research lists clergy as the happiest job out there. the survey is based on the happiness the job generates for the person who does it. firefighters, physical therapists, authors, and special ed teachers round out the top five. one job absent from that list is zoo keeper. >> surprising, isn't it? >> they tend to love it. >> while those are the folks you think of when it comes to caring for the exhibits, tuns out they are a drop in the bucket of how that facility actually runs. >> karen takes us behind the scene for a look at who feeds all those lions, tigers, and bears. >> this looks like your standard restaurant kitchen. for a very different, no less discerning palette. >> animals in the wild have thousands of choices in the food items that they select on a daily basis. when they come into a zoo
5:56 pm
setting, we have a finite number of choices. >> mike heads up the department of nutrition here at washington's national zoo, including the zoo's commissary, one that plans, prepares, and tracks meals. >> it allows for there to be closer attention, potentially better regulation of diet amounts that are going in a diet. it allows for better health. >> 13 staffers, two nutritionists, feeding 3,000 animals about 300 species. >> the vitamin c, bananas, water, and gel to hold it together. >> they find a balance between what is available here in the region, and the nutrients each animal needs. >> we have books. recipe books, just like you would find in your kitchen at home. >> that's so recipes can be easily modified if an animal's diet needs to be changed. mice and crickets are something
5:57 pm
your typical chef may not work with. otherwise, fruits, vegetables, and a freezer full of meats, all be it a really big one. afterall, mouths like these should be kept full and happy. in washington, i'm karen capa. >> well, now to a 9news now update. there's your standard issue, roommate from you know where. then there's the diamond in the shag carpet. that would be jesse. he's an arlington man competing for the title of, what kind of roommate of the year? the best. okay, well he is just one. the contest was sponsored by the website, jesse's video entry showcases versatilities for making a desert. to performing a two minute cleanup drill. free rent for a year and $10,000 in cash. pretty good for being a good roommate, brett. >> this is dallas week for the redskins and in case you are
5:58 pm
new, it's a state of mind in which the redskins and fans sum up all the hatred and focus on their arch enemies. as kristen tells us tonight, for those new players that didn't know much about the rivalry, they do now. >> this is dallas week. the game redskins nation and the players have circled on their mental calendar. >> it's a very important game to both teams. more adrenaline. more excitement. >> it's what it is all about. cowboys, redskins, doesn't get better. >> what about the new guys? most are getting their first taste of what this rivalry is all about. >> it runs deep and i can see that with the passion of the fans and the passion of my teammates. >> for the rookie, this isn't just dallas week, this is monday night football, prime time for the whole nation to see them. no pressure, right? if these rookies are nervous, they aren't showing it. >> it's not a big deal how i'm going to attach my game to
5:59 pm
this. >> just in case, their teammates are there to help them understand the intensity of playing on a national stage. >> all the young guys seem like they are doing pretty good. if they ask for my help, i'll be quick to give it. >> somebody that will give his two cents is defensive lineman, steven bowen. the former cowboy wants to help his new team remain undefeated. >> we have one goal and that's to come out with a win. i'm real excited to get down there and prove a point. >> bowen stopped all conversations with his former teammates this week. he doesn't want to give them any bulletin board material. >> kristen, thank you. you've heard of tony romo has a punctured lung. the redskin player who says he plans to hurt romo more. we are no strangers to sitting in traffic in our area, but how much is it worth to get some of those cars off the road? today, theio

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